Mesopotamian Trade & Its Cultural Ramifications

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Fall 2009

Introduction to Mesopotamia

Use this section to familiarize yourself with ancient Mesopotamia. Browse through the text and images, then feel free to click on the links below to learn more about Mesopotamian trade. Enjoy!

The word 'Mesopotamia' is Greek for 'between two rivers'- an appropriate name for a geographical area located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, see below

Mesopotamia. Source:

Mesopotamian Region and Trade Distance: The following images were created with the sole purpose of illustrating the general regions of Mesopotamia and Egypt (Images A and B). Egypt is included within these images owing to its extensive significance within the region and Mesopotamian history. The route of the Uluburun ship has been plotted to further illustrate the extent to which trade took place during the time period (Image C).

Image A
Image B

Image C

Characteristics of Mesopotamian Trade

Trade & Indications of Society by Katy Kinsey

This section will talk about raw materials that were traded. Click on the link to explore what materials were traded, by whom, and for what reason. This section also discusses how trading patterns were affected by social and political influences.

Trade Patterns, Networks, and Routes by Justin Craig

This page focuses on the trade routes and networks that existed. Some overlap may occur with the above section, however, the focus will be more on internal and external trade patterns, important trade cities, and major land/sea routes utilized.

Mesopotamian Culture and Its Influence Abroad

Chimeric, Demonic, and Composite Creature Symbolism and Meanings by Cody Swain

This page focuses on the intricacies associated with the development of chimeric creatures, specifically those in the Mesopotamian region. The page also touches upon the diffusion that has taken place, not only between Mesopotamia and interacting regions but those subsequent borrowings by future civilizations. The above pages, pertaining to trade, go into depth with the routes and regions that interacted regularly with Mesopotamia and subsequently spread ideology, iconography, and concepts; giving birth to composite creatures in distant lands.

Mesopotamian Art by Keegan Hubbard

In this section of the wiki I break up the fascinating topic of Mesopotamia art into three different topics that I have found to be the most pertinent. The topics that I have researched and presented are religious art, private art and portable art. Within these topics I will show how the ingenuity and great diversity found in Mesopotamia, spread to other parts of the world and effected different ways of life for all.

Ceramics and Beveled-Rim Bowls by Megan Donoghue

This page is centered around the ceramics used in Mesopotamia. The significance and uses as well as what came from these new uses. Trade will also be mentioned but mainly what the ceramic said about the culture.

Cylinder Seals

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